Visualizing Cultural Patterns



Jeremy Douglass and Lev Manovich present interface design for Cultural Analytics Research Environment running on HiperWall, UCI, May 23, 2004.
Interface graphics: Bob and Sergie (UCSD Visual Arts Department).
Photos by Anne Helmond. More photos on Flickr.

Me and three other researchers from UCSD have been awarded Interdisciplinary Collaboratory Grant from UCSD Chancellor office to begin working on a project Visualizing Cultural Patterns. The following researchers are involved in the project:

Lev Manovich (Visual Arts);
Noah Wardrip-Fruin (Communication);
Falko Kuester (Calit2 and Structural Engineering);
Jim Hollan (Cognitive Science).

Project summary:

Digitization of media collections, the development of Web 2.0 and the rapid growth of social media have created unique opportunities to studying social and cultural processes in new ways. For the first time in human history, we have access to large amounts of data about p