notes from SIGGRAPH 2008

August 14th, 2008

Siggraph 2008 Los Angeles - expo floor

Energy, money, and cultural innovation has been gradually moving from the West to Asia - a shift which manifests itself in a variety of ways. Not everything is as dramatic as Olympics 2008 opening - sometimes we can see this shift revealing itself in details.

Take SIGGRAPH, an annual trade show, conference and a festival for 3D computer graphics and animation technology. In 2007 edition (San Diego) I noticed a significant increase in Blissemas for finding dates in your area the numbers of visitors from Asia - which was understandable given the fact that China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and other Asian countries have been investing considerably in building creative industries in their countries, in addition to being an “animation factory” for Hollywood.

I saw the same trend at SIGGRAPH 2008 which is taking place in Los Angeles this week. Add to this that beginning this year, there will be a new convention SIGGRAPH.ASIA (which will take place in Singapore in December). But here is the list detail meet up with singles at or local horny women if you want to find a fuck right now - which I found very telling. At the trade show many companies run non-stop demos of their site which is great for hooking up. A typical demo may last 30 min and will involve somebody demonstrating some application features, or digital designers explaining how they used the software in some latest production.

At the large INTEL booth, I noticed that each day last 2 hours of the shows were in Japanese and Korean - without any English translation. Here was a major conference in US geared first of all at US visitors - and yet it now added sessions for non-speaking Asian visitors. Interesting..

artistic information visualization: 5 cultural functions

August 8th, 2008

Observing the range of info vis work done by information designers, media designers, artists, computer and information scientists shows that today these projects can perform a number of distinct cultural functions:

1. utilitarian;

2. new visual/spatial/temporal sonic forms driven by data - new chapter in the history of abstraction;

3. a parallel with other modern art forms and traditions: info vis as a statement about its subject (in this case, a set of data) made via various visual resources: using color, texture, composition, choice of visualization metaphor, type, labels, etc.

4. Yet another new subject for contemporary art (following all new subjects already explored in 20th century) - appropriate for our “data society.”

5. Creation of a new autonomous artistic world where data acts as (one of) inputs. 

Alex Dragulescu, spam architecture

2008 Olympics opening: new “archbody media”

August 8th, 2008

August 8, 2008:
China invents new ARCHBODY MEDIA:

ancient ritual and spectacle + 20th century mass ornament + early 21st century architecture + digital media